Symply III: Smart City Partner

As the best seller for urban solution, Orbit series have been best pal and part of life for over 100 thousand riders for decades around the world. Now, SYM would like to introduce the novelty targeted on distinct segments in different continents: Orbit III City & Symply III Naked.

Being your best city partner to move here and there in the city, Symply III City focuses on youngsters and people who love riding on a smart scooter. Although Symply III City has new design on front headlight cover- which gives the vehicle fresher and vigorous sport sense, Symply III inherits Orbit series original and simple pursuit: move lightly and smartly.

Different from urban light scooter, Symply III adapts a big headlight being a dejavu for RV essence.

The vehicle body curve highlights the essence of “light and sport”. Also, let room has been enlarged for having 1 more space on spoiler step.

A 3D taillight adapted is in accordance with headlight refresh the design.

Symply III Strong Points

Engine Power

2-valve air-cooled mono cylinder of 50 cm³ and 125 cm³

Enlarged fuel tank capacity to 6.3 L (50 cm³) / 6.2 L (125 cm³)

ECS in accordance with Euro4 as the standard for 50 cm³

Injection system in accordance with Euro4 as the standard for 125 cm³

Safety Function

More secured safety braking system by 226 mm FR disc brake disc (Symply II is 190 mm) with CBS

Convenient User Infrastructure

Magnified under-seat space for a full-faced helmet

Re-placing fuel tank to the front makes it easier when refueling.

USB outlet