Sym Jet 14 125 LC

Sym Jet 14 125 LC

ALL NEW JET 14 Liquid-Cooled Version
£ 2,399
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4 STROKE 4 Stroke engines require less maintenance than their 2 stroke counterparts.
FUEL GAUGE An easy to read fuel gauge helps you keep track of your fuel level while riding.
EURO 4 Compliant with the Euro-4 emissions regulations as certified by the EU.
DIGITAL DISPLAY An easy to view digital display, which gives you all the information you need.
LED INDICATORS LED lights are brighter and last far longer than traditional lightbulbs.
ADDITIONAL STORAGE This model of bike features an additional storage area.
ALL NEW JET 14 Liquid-Cooled Version The SYM Smart Cooling System (SC1) allows minimizing the engine working temperature within few variances in urban cruising mode, and SC1 can improve the noise level from burning breakage when engine is acting: due to low temperature of liquid cooling system, and the thermal expansion of the parts is much less, which gives the advantages of having smaller space of relevant parts clearances.

The function of SC1 cooling fan enlarges the usage life of the engine and relevant parts, and also gives the benefit to improve better engine resulting superior performance, especially compared with Air-cooled version.

Sym Jet 14 125 LC Features

JET 14 comes with dual headlight and LED position lights. Making it easy to recognize and LED position light improves driving safety.
LED Tailight
Flat floor panel makes riders have more legroom and extra space is available for more relaxing riding.
Three-Ringed Dashboard for liquid vision and sporty looking.

Sym Jet 14 125 LC Specifications

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5 years Warranty

All SYM Vehicles registered on or after 1st March 2016 will benefit from a THREE YEAR/30,000km warranty on all 0-120cc vehicles and a FIVE YEAR/60,000km warranty on all vehicles over 120cc if in possession of a full service history and that the enclosed scheduled maintenance is carried out by an authorised SYM dealer or a non SYM dealer specifically authorised by SYM UK.

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