About Sanyang (SYM) UK

Sanyang will never compromise in their commitment to the customer, through innovation and integration you can rest assured that you are looking at some of the very best motor vehicles in the world!

Sanyang currently produce OVER One Million vehicles per year, of which thirty five thousand have ‘four wheels’ (cars!).


SYM is ‘the engine of life’. In applying engineering and technological expertise to real life contexts, SYM bring to market superior motor vehicles that deliver the promise of durability for a life time, mobility for life needs, and affinity for life style.



“Having the ability and capability to perform beyond expectation”.

The strength at the core of the Sanyang culture translates into a commitment to professional craftsmanship, the manufacture of products that last, and a company that performs and competes at the highest level not only today, but tomorrow, next week, next month, next year and on into the future.


“The quality of being human”.

In an industry dominated by technical and legislative control, Sanyang strive to go beyond compliance to actively integrate a deep care for life into what they do and make.


“A natural attraction of likeminded people”.

Our company and products draw people who share the same values, creating relationships based on an understanding of our customers, partners, and employees that can only come because we are like them. We believe what they believe.


“Imaginative productivity”.

Sanyang are driven to build a uniqueness into all what they are and what they do that cannot be easily copied, because it is grounded in a creative way of thinking that continually generates new ideas and new ways of working – Sanyang are unique and subsequently ‘create’ rather special machines.


“Pulsing or throbbing with life energy or activity”.

The SYM ethos resonates with this life energy that keeps the company on the move designing, producing and marketing machines that stimulate the mind and body.


SYM are at the forefront of Corporate Environmental Protection being respectful of the welfare of the public and that of Mother Earth protecting the environment. “Pollution Prevention, Energy Saving, Resource Recycling and Environmental Greening”, is a long term commitment towards advancing environmental management.

SYM tackle environmental issues from a variety of angles, in the first instance production methods minimise pollution during the manufacturing process, recycling of waste produce via several recycling resource zones and ultimately in developing ‘green products’ which are more fuel efficient, lightweight, recyclable and fully labelled. In 2002 SYM invested 500 million dollars in the Sanyang R&D Centre, of which 200 million dollars was for design and testing facilities in relation to environmental protection.

Indeed this new R&D Centre was designed and built to feature low ground coverage, and lots of vegetation to make it a vitally green environment. A diverse ecological garden is planned to follow the natural ecological recovery emphasising a biological symbiosis – a green factory and a green corporation!